Skydive West - Bonnyville, AB

Skydive West - Bonnyville, AB is an outdoor adventure centre offering tandem skydiving experiences, skydiving lessons and more in Alberta.

At Skydive West in Bonnyville, Alberta, you can take part in a thrilling skydiving experience through the Alberta skies. To get started, you'll need to check in at the Skydive West office and complete the necessary paperwork. Once you're checked in, you'll receive a safety briefing from an experienced instructor and have a chance to ask any questions you have. From there, you'll be fitted with a jumpsuit, harness, and altimeter (which measures altitude). You'll then board the plane and take off for an exhilarating ride to 10,000 feet. Once the plane reaches its optimum altitude, the instructor will give you the signal to jump and you'll be off! The freefall portion of the skydive will last about one minute, followed by a peaceful five to seven minute parachute ride back to the ground. At the end of your skydive, you'll receive a personalized certificate of completion that you can take home to remember your experience.

How to get to Skydive West - Bonnyville, AB

Facilities at Skydive West - Bonnyville, AB

  • Private on-site clubhouse
  • Gear rental and sales
  • Professional skydiving instruction
  • On-site video and photography
  • Tandem skydiving
  • Group and corporate events
  • Skydiving gear repair and maintenance
  • On-site camping
  • Fully equipped aircraft
  • Indoor packing area
  • Tailgate parties
  • Picnic area
  • Private party area
  • Scenic views of the Alberta landscape
  • Air conditioned classroom
  • On-site restaurant and bar