Skydive St. Albert

Skydive St. Albert is a skydiving experience in Alberta, Canada, offering thrilling skydives with stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.

Arrive at the Skydive St. Albert facility and check in with the staff. 2. Fill out any necessary paperwork, such as a waiver, and receive a pre-jump briefing from a staff member. 3. Receive a safety briefing on the proper use of the equipment and the proper body position for freefalling. 4. Put on the necessary skydiving gear, such as a jumpsuit and a helmet. 5. Board the plane and ascend to the desired altitude, usually between 10,000 and 14,000 feet. 6. When the plane reaches the desired altitude, jump out of the plane with your instructor. 7. Enjoy the freefall for as long as possible before pulling the ripcord and deploying your parachute. 8. After your parachute is deployed, you will have a few minutes to enjoy the view before landing. 9. Follow your instructor's instructions for a safe and controlled landing. 10. After landing, return to the facility and collect any belongings you may have left behind. 11. Congratulate yourself on completing your skydive!

How to get to Skydive St. Albert

Facilities at Skydive St. Albert

  • Professional and experienced instructors
  • Professional tandem skydiving equipment
  • Safety-focused training
  • Multiple aircraft
  • Group discounts
  • On-site video and photo packages
  • Gift certificates
  • Proshop with gear, apparel and accessories
  • On-site indoor skydiving simulator
  • On-site camping facilities