Skydive High, Crossfield

Skydive High is a skydiving school in Crossfield, Alberta, offering tandem skydiving and accelerated freefall training.

Skydive High in Crossfield, Alberta is a premier skydiving facility, offering an incredible skydiving experience for all levels of skydiving.

First and foremost, you'll need to book a skydive. You can do this online or by calling Skydive High directly. Once you've booked your jump, you'll need to show up at the facility on your scheduled day.

Upon arrival, you will be asked to complete a few forms and receive a brief orientation on the skydiving process. You will then be fitted into a jumpsuit and provided with a helmet and goggles.

Next, you will board a plane with your instructor and other jumpers for the ride up to the altitude you will be jumping from. After the plane has reached the correct altitude, you will be given the signal to exit the plane.

Once you have jumped from the plane, your instructor will guide you through the descent. During this time, you will enjoy the incredible views of the surrounding area and have a chance to practice the skills you have learned.

After you have landed safely, you will be given a certificate of completion and be able to purchase photos of your jump. You will then have the opportunity to talk with other jumpers and instructors about your experience and enjoy a meal with them.

Skydive High in Crossfield, Alberta is an amazing facility that offers a unique and unforgettable skydiving experience.

How to get to Skydive High, Crossfield

Facilities at Skydive High, Crossfield

  • Professional and certified skydiving instructors
  • Rigging and packing services
  • Onsite restaurant and bar
  • Indoor and outdoor viewing areas
  • Video recording and editing services
  • Beginner and advanced skydiving classes
  • Group and individual skydiving packages
  • Gear rental and freefly coaching
  • Aircraft and skydiving equipment maintenance
  • Proshop with apparel and skydiving gear