Skydive Big Sky - Innisfail, AB

Skydive Big Sky is a premier skydiving facility located in Innisfail, Alberta offering tandem skydiving and solo skydiving experiences.

Skydive Big Sky - Innisfail, AB, Alberta offers an incredible skydiving experience. Before you skydive, you'll need to check in and fill out some paperwork. You'll also need to watch an instructional video and be fitted for a jumpsuit, helmet and goggles. Once you're all set, you'll need to board the plane and get ready for your thrilling jump. When you reach the correct altitude, your instructor will give you the go-ahead to jump out of the plane and begin your freefall. You'll experience the incredible sensation of falling at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. After a few seconds, your instructor will pull the parachute and you'll begin to float down to the ground. Once you're safely back on the ground, you'll get to relive the experience with a debrief and video of your skydive.

How to get to Skydive Big Sky - Innisfail, AB

Facilities at Skydive Big Sky - Innisfail, AB

  • Professional and experienced instructors
  • Safety briefings and instruction
  • Gear rentals and sales
  • Group and individual skydives
  • Indoor packing area
  • Onsite video and photography services
  • Onsite cafe and lounge
  • Gear repairs and maintenance
  • Covered hanger for safe gear storage
  • Gear rigging services