Edmonton Skydive

Skydive Edmonton is a skydiving and sport parachuting center located in Alberta, Canada. They offer tandem jumps, static line jumps, and advanced freefall jumps, as well as parachute rentals and instruction.

At Skydive Edmonton, you can experience the thrill of skydiving with experienced instructors.

For your first skydive, you will need to sign up for a Tandem Skydive. This includes a training session with your instructor prior to the jump and a tandem jump with an experienced skydiver. During the training session, you will learn about skydiving safety, body position, and how to exit the plane.

After the training session, you will board the plane and ascend to altitude. Once at the correct altitude, you and your instructor will jump from the plane and freefall for approximately 45 seconds. Your instructor will then deploy the parachute and you will enjoy a peaceful and scenic ride back to the ground.

If you want to continue skydiving, you can sign up for an Accelerated Freefall or Static Line course. These courses teach you how to skydive on your own and prepare you for your first solo skydive.

Skydive Edmonton also offers video and photo packages so you can remember your skydive for years to come.

No matter your experience level, Skydive Edmonton has something for everyone. So come on out and experience the thrill of skydiving!

How to get to Edmonton Skydive

Facilities at Edmonton Skydive

  • Professional skydiving instructors
  • High-quality skydiving equipment
  • Video and photographic services
  • Group discounts
  • Solo and tandem skydiving
  • Safety and emergency training
  • Ground School
  • On-site restaurant and bar
  • Gift certificates
  • Parachute packing services