Athabasca Falls

Athabasca Falls is a powerful waterfall located in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. It is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Canadian Rockies, with a 30-meter drop.

Waterfall Athabasca Falls is a stunning natural wonder located in Jasper National Park, Alberta. It is one of the most impressive falls in the Canadian Rockies, and it is a must-see if you are visiting the area.

There are several activities to enjoy at Waterfall Athabasca Falls. Visitors can explore the scenic area on foot, or take a guided tour of the falls and its surroundings. The falls can be viewed from several lookout points, and there is a boardwalk along the river with interpretive signs. Hiking trails are available, ranging from easy to challenging, and they provide spectacular views of the falls.

Other activities at Waterfall Athabasca Falls include wildlife watching, fishing, and picnicking. You can also rent canoes and kayaks to explore the Athabasca River, and there are several restaurants and shops in the area for food and souvenirs.

Finally, the area around Waterfall Athabasca Falls is a photographer’s paradise, and there are many stunning spots to capture stunning images of this natural wonder.

How to get to Athabasca Falls

Facilities at Athabasca Falls

  • Picnic area with tables and benches
  • Hiking trails
  • Interpretive displays
  • Gift shop
  • Restrooms
  • Parking
  • Viewpoints with viewing platforms
  • Ice-walk tours
  • Wildlife watching
  • Photography opportunities