St. Albert

St. Albert is a city in Alberta, Canada, located just northwest of Edmonton. It is known for its historic downtown, beautiful parks and trails, and vibrant arts community.

St. Albert, Alberta offers a variety of things to do. The downtown area is full of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. There are several parks, trails, and outdoor recreation areas as well.

You can explore the St. Albert Grain Elevator Park, a unique outdoor space featuring a grain elevator, interpretive displays, and a playground. The St. Albert Botanic Park is a beautiful outdoor space with a variety of gardens, sculptures, and a pond. The Red Willow Trail is a popular network of trails for running, biking and walking.

For a unique experience, you can check out the St. Albert Farmers Market, which features local vendors and artisan products. The St. Albert Public Library is a great spot for book lovers, and the St. Albert Historical Society offers visitors a chance to learn more about the city's history.

For those looking for a bit of adventure, the Red Willow Adventure Park offers a variety of activities including zip lines, climbing walls and a trampoline.

For a fun night out, you can visit the St. Albert Community Hall, which offers a variety of live music and theatre performances. You can also explore the St. Albert Art Gallery, which showcases local and international art.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something to do in St. Albert, Alberta.

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Facilities at St. Albert

  • William F. Lede Park
  • St. Albert Botanic Park
  • St. Albert Grain Elevator Park
  • Red Willow Trail System
  • St. Albert Farmers' Market
  • Art Gallery of St. Albert
  • St. Albert Place
  • Fountain Park Recreation Centre
  • St. Albert Public Library
  • St. Albert Trail System