Fort Heritage Precinct

Fort Heritage Precinct is a museum complex in Alberta that preserves and showcases the history of the area, from the fur trade to the founding of the province.

At Museum Fort Heritage Precinct, Alberta, visitors can explore the history of Alberta's early settlement days. Visitors can step back in time and experience a variety of activities, such as:

• Touring the museum's extensive collection of artifacts from early settlers, including photographs, tools, and clothing;

• Exploring the interpretive centre, where a knowledgeable interpreter can provide insights into the history of the region;

• Learning about the area's Indigenous people and the diverse cultures that shaped Alberta's history;

• Participating in educational programs and special events;

• Enjoying the scenic grounds and trails throughout the precinct, including the Fort Heritage Trail, which follows the path of the original fort walls;

• Visiting the gift shop, which carries a selection of books and souvenirs related to Alberta's history;

• Exploring the community gardens and greenhouses;

• Participating in interactive activities and demonstrations;

• Taking part in the annual Fort Heritage Days celebration, which features music, food, and activities that reflect Alberta's culture and heritage.

Museum Fort Heritage Precinct is a great place to learn more about Alberta's rich history and to share in the spirit of community.

How to get to Fort Heritage Precinct

Facilities at Fort Heritage Precinct

  • Family friendly activities
  • Authentic blacksmithing demonstrations
  • Historic buildings from the late 19th century
  • Heritage walking tours
  • Historic photo displays
  • Craft and gift shop
  • Interactive exhibits
  • Educational lectures and workshops
  • Period costume rental
  • Special events and festivals