Horse River Wildfire Museum

A small museum in Horse River, Alberta that tells the story of the devastating wildfire of 2016 and its recovery.

At the Horse River Wildfire Museum in Alberta, visitors can explore the story of the devastating wildfire that burned over 5,900 square kilometres of land in the spring of 2016. The museum features interactive exhibits, hands-on activities, and multimedia displays that tell the story of the wildfire and its impact on the community. Visitors can also explore the museum’s outdoor exhibits, which include a replica of a fire truck, a forest fire simulator, and a memorial to those who lost their lives in the fire. The museum also offers educational programs for children and adults, as well as guided tours of the museum and its outdoor exhibits.

How to get to Horse River Wildfire Museum

Facilities at Horse River Wildfire Museum

  • Educational exhibits about the Horse River Wildfire
  • Guided tours of the museum
  • Interactive displays about fire safety
  • Gift shop with souvenirs related to the wildfire
  • Movie theatre screening documentaries about the wildfire
  • Art gallery featuring artwork inspired by the wildfire
  • Interactive activities for children
  • Lecture hall for educational presentations
  • Firefighter memorabilia
  • Free Wi-Fi