Frank Slide Interpretive Centre

The Frank Slide Interpretive Centre is a museum in Alberta, Canada, that provides an interactive experience exploring the history and science behind the Frank Slide, a large rockslide that occurred in 1903.

At the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre, Alberta, visitors can explore the site of Canada’s deadliest rockslide, which occurred in 1903. The centre offers a variety of educational and interactive activities to learn about the history, geology, and human impact of the slide.

Visitors can take a guided tour of the site, which includes a walking trail that takes you through the debris field of the slide and a look-out point that offers a stunning view of the area. As you learn about the slide, you can also learn about the remote mountain town of Frank and the coal mine that was destroyed by the slide.

At the centre, visitors can also explore a variety of interactive exhibits and displays that offer insight into the history, geology, and human impact of the slide. There is also a theatre that shows a documentary about the slide and its impact on the surrounding community.

The centre also offers a variety of educational programs and activities for school groups, including a field trip to the site, special presentations, and a chance to take part in a simulated rockslide. There are also family-friendly events throughout the year, such as music performances, movie screenings, and educational workshops.

The Frank Slide Interpretive Centre is open year-round and admission is free.

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