Bon Accord

Bon Accord is a small town in Alberta, Canada, located just north of Edmonton. It is known for its rural charm and beautiful views of the North Saskatchewan River.

Bon Accord is a small town located in Alberta, Canada. It is located approximately 40 km north of Edmonton and is a great place to explore and discover the history and culture of the province. There are a variety of activities and attractions to enjoy in the town, including shopping, dining, outdoor recreation, and a variety of cultural and historic sites.

Shopping: Bon Accord has a variety of shops and stores to explore, including local boutiques, antique stores, and a farmers’ market.

Dining: Bon Accord has a number of restaurants and cafes that serve a variety of local and international cuisines.

Outdoor Recreation: There are several parks, trails, and outdoor spaces in Bon Accord that are perfect for exploring. There are also many golf courses, fishing spots, and other recreational activities in the area.

Cultural and Historic Sites: Bon Accord is home to several historic sites, including the Bon Accord Heritage Museum and the Bon Accord Train Station. There are also several art galleries, theatres, and cultural festivals that take place throughout the year.

With so much to do and explore in Bon Accord, it is the perfect destination for a day trip or a weekend getaway.

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Facilities at Bon Accord

  • Bon Accord Swimming Pool
  • Bon Accord Library
  • Bon Accord Museum
  • Bon Accord Golf Course
  • Bon Accord Arena
  • Bon Accord Curling Rink
  • Bon Accord Sports Park
  • Bon Accord Skateboard Park
  • Bon Accord Outdoor Rink
  • Bon Accord Park