Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is a beautiful mountain park in Alberta, Canada, offering stunning scenery, outdoor activities, and a variety of wildlife.

Jasper National Park is a beautiful wilderness located in the Alberta Rockies. There is an abundance of activities to do in and around the park.

Camping: Jasper National Park offers plenty of camping opportunities. There are numerous campgrounds located throughout the park, ranging from basic tent sites to full-service RV sites. You can bring your own tent, trailer, or RV and stay for up to 14 days at a time. Campgrounds are equipped with fire pits and picnic tables. You can also rent a cabin for a more luxurious camping experience.

Hiking: Jasper National Park is home to some of the best hiking in Canada. There are over 1150 km of trails in the park, ranging from easy to difficult. You can explore the various ecosystems of the park, including alpine meadows, old-growth forests, glacial lakes, and more. Hiking is a great way to experience the stunning beauty of Jasper National Park.

Wildlife Watching: Jasper National Park is home to an abundance of wildlife, including elk, moose, grizzly bears, caribou, and more. There are various wildlife viewing opportunities throughout the park. You can take a guided tour, go on a wildlife safari, or just spend some time in nature and keep your eyes open.

Fishing: Jasper National Park is home to some of the best fishing in Alberta. You can find rainbow trout, brook trout, bull trout, and more in the park's rivers, lakes, and streams. There are plenty of opportunities for fly fishing, spin casting, and bait fishing. A fishing license is required for all anglers over the age of 16.

Sightseeing: Jasper National Park is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the Canadian Rockies. You can explore the park by car, bike, or on foot. There are numerous scenic viewpoints throughout the park, as well as iconic landmarks such as the Columbia Icefield and Maligne Lake. You can also take a ride on the Jasper SkyTram for amazing views of the park.

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